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The Michiana Soccer Referees Association (MSRA) was established in the early 1990’s to train and license referees.  The Association would then assign refs to local leagues and clubs.

Michiana encompasses North Central Indiana and Southwest Lower Michigan.  Our members hail from both Michigan and Indiana.  Referees in the Association hold licenses from the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), state high school athletic associations in Michigan and/or Indiana (IHSAA) and the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officals Association (NISOA).

MSRA is affiliated with the St. Joseph Valley Athletic Officials Association (SJVAOA).  If a referee wishes to officiate in IHSAA post-season tournaments, he/she must be a member of SJVAOA. Click here to download an application (PDF).

As a member of MSRA, if you are licensed by the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA), a significant membership benefits is high school game assignments.  We work with over 20 local high schools to staff their fall season with licensed, qualified officials.  The benefit to the students is they have the opportunity to experience officiating from a wide range of referees.  The benefit to you, the referee, is that you do not have to “chase down” assignments.

We also provide assignment services to many other leagues in the area which sponsor USSF-sanctioned contests:  Michiana Soccer Association (MSA), Premier and Northern Indiana Soccer League, to name a few.

Clearly, the game has been reaching higher levels of skill over the last several years.  MSRA is committed to improving the quality of officiating in the Michiana area.  

To become a member of MSRA, the candidate must be a licensed official.  If you would like to become a licensed soccer referee, we would like to help.  Check out the “Contact Us” page for more information on becoming a referee.

The Directors and Corporate Officers of MSRA (with term expirations) are:

(Indiana Ass.t SRA (ret), ISRC, USSF)

(Indiana Registrar, ISRC, USSF)

(Secretary, ISRC, USSF)

(Indiana SRA, ISRC, USSF)
Director Jim Abbott
(State Director of Assignors, ISRC, USSF)
High School Officiating
John Lindsey
(VP-Soccer, SJVAOA)
Director Don Pope-Davis (2011)
USSF Officiating
Pat McNamara
(District Referee Administrator, Region #2, ISRC, USSF)
Director Ed Keve (2010)
MSRA Documents
MSRA Bylaws
( PDF - 85k )
Code of Conduct
( PDF - 294 )
MSRA Membership Application
( PDF - 26k )
( DOC - 230k )
SJVAOA Membership Application
( PDF - 723k )

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