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This is where you make the call. We will describe a scenario so that you can make the decision. The situation may be one on the field or it may be administrative, philosophic or just plain trivia. MSRA members officiate high school, USSF and college games.
Your decision is determined by whether you are refereeing an IHSAA, NISOA or
USSF contest.
What governs the play of a game?

USSF: LAWs govern the play of a USSF game. Know your laws - but NEVER call them rules!! Many instructors are particular about the use of language. If you are a USSF referee, be sure to know the laws. When you are re-certified for 2002, request a copy of FIFA's Laws of the Game 2001/2002.

IHSAA and NISOA (High School and College): These games are governed by RULEs. In Indiana, the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) applies the National Federation of High School Association (NFHS) rules. The IHSAA rules interpreter renders decisions on specific plays that occur in the state where there is some question of how a rule governs a particular game situation. For college games, refs licensed by the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association enforce rules as published and interpreted by the NCAA.

The rules for college, high school soccer can differ from USSF laws in some play of the game. This corner of the will compare and contrast these three arenas of play.
Do you have a play or question to submit?
Contact us at and together,
we'll make the call.
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